A LAGERS Success Story

We are so thankful that we get to touch the lives of our members in a positive way. That is how we live up to our vision of “A Secure Retirement for All.”

Please take a moment to read this letter we received from the son of one of our members who recently passed away. Louis Finke was an employee for the Clay County Health Department and died at over 100 years of age this past spring. He was able to live into retirement over 30 years. We are grateful for his service to his community and proud that we were able to help provide him with a secure retirement after his service ended.

Mr. Finke’s son Ronald wrote to LAGERS to tell his father’s story. “On behalf of our family, I wanted to thank you for your organization’s service to my father and mother. This pension income was very important and helped him to afford home health care for him and our mother for 15 years. He was also able to live in his own home with only part time care until just after reaching age 100.”

This is what being a LAGERS member is about, and why we do what we do every day.

Read the letter here.



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