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December Article Roundup


Trying to figure out if, how, and when Social Security benefits fit into my retirement plan makes my head spin. For me, I tend to err on the side of caution when planning for retirement and assume it won’t be there at all when I’m ready to retire in another 25 years. This article is part of a great 30 day series dispelling some of the common misconceptions about Social Security benefits. While there are several articles in this series that are worth a read, this one in particular tells us 20 and 30 somethings a more realistic way to include Social Security in your retirement plan without overestimating what you most likely will actually receive in benefits.

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As we gather with our loved ones this time of year, here is something that you can add to your list of things to talk about. Studies show that financial decision-making peaks around age 53 and gradually begins to decline thereafter meaning that many retirees may eventually need help managing their finances. The solution? Get your family involved in your financial plan now. Suzanne Schmitt, VP of Family Engagement with Fidelity Investments says, “by engaging in conversations now and having a strong support system in place, families can help loved ones gracefully transition into that next phase of their lives.”

Ready to get talking? Read: Family Should Be Included in Retirement Planning


Even though your LAGERS benefit is a great base for building your retirement security, you most likely still need to be saving on your own to help ensure you can live out your retirement comfortably. If you are ready to start saving more for retirement in 2017, here are three super easy ways to get started.

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While I’m not typically an avid Dear Abby reader, this particular entry struck a chord with me. I hear very similar comments from our members all the time about couples not seeing eye to eye on their retirement plans. In this particular case, I think Abby has some great advice. My advice to all couples: remember that retirement planning should be about more than just money: make sure you are talking to each other about your expectations for retirement well in advance of actually retiring…it could help avoid major conflict down the road.

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Even this old dog gets to retire. My last article this month is just for fun, but it made me smile, and I’m sure it will make you smile too! Not all public servants are humans, but even our K9 counter parts work hard and eventually need to retire. Congratulations on your retirement Inga!

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I Wish I Could Bottle Up the Holidays


This time of year is sometimes a mess. It’s dark when we go to work and dark when we head home, the weather is cold, dreary and unstable. And the kids secretly plot against us and take turns deathtostock_slowdown1being sick (I swear they do). We’re all especially busy and should be at our wits end.

But we aren’t.

To me, this time of year always seems different. My most enjoyable part of the holiday season is the almost random consideration that seems to overcome most of us. At this time of year we as a society seem, for whatever reason, to look beyond the surface of our fellow man and actually see the commonality of goodness we share. Whether at the gas station, store, at work or even passing each other on the street; we look at each other differently. We don’t look past each other as we scurry on our busy paths. We actually look into each other’s eyes – past that outward shell and actually SEE each other; maybe even say “hello”.  Have you noticed? So simple, yet so wonderful.

Whether a kind word, a thank you, a smile or even a simple nod of the head – signaling we appreciate the smallest of gestures. Even though we should be more stressed, we’re actually all a little more happy than normal during the holidays. Really. If you haven’t, noticed I urge you to keep an eye out on the way home from work tomorrow. You may experience the kind of subtle kindness that I’m talking about. It is so refreshing.

If I could bottle the holidays I surely would. If we could somehow carry that over to the rest of the year what great things we could accomplish. That’s my thought for the New Year.

From all of us at LAGERS, we thank you for the honor to serve you and we wish you the very best this time of year, and all year round!


Robert Wilson, Asst. Director

Robert Wilson, Asst. Director

ICYMI: Top LAGERS Bloggers Posts of 2016

bigstock-159845417-new-year-2017We’re in our third year as bloggers here at LAGERS. Every year we’re thankful that we can use this medium to promote and educate the public and our members on retirement security, pensions and topics relating to the next phase in life after our careers end.

This year our most popular blogs ranged widely in topics and subject matter. The top 4 are listed below, in case you missed them.

  1. You probably don’t know a lot about how much your employer pays for your LAGERS pension, and that’s OK (let the folks in finance and payroll worry about that). But if you’d like to know why it matters and why it doesn’t, read Manager of Member Services, Jeff Kempker’s, interesting read on how your employer finances your lifetime benefit.


  1. Want to know how LAGERS’ staff ensures the safety and security of your retirement benefit at the capitol? Elizabeth, a Sr. Communications Specialist and one of our legislative experts, gives a wrap–up of the year’s policy initiatives and what we do everyday to educate our lawmakers and politicians on pension security and local government issues that face our communities.


  1. “Let’s face it, governments are usually easy targets, but in reality, much of what is poked fun at is simply not true.” In second place is Elizabeth’s take on the misconceptions that face government workers. She provides insight into how we can change this mindset, and how to shed light on the falsity of these untrue stereotypes.


  1. At the top by a wide margin was Jeff Kempker’s behind–the-scenes look at what it’s like to be a public servant who helps save lives in their community everyday. This is just one group of people that we are proud to serve at LAGERS, and it was definitely a privilege for Jeff to experience this peek behind the curtain at what they face every day when they go to work.


We hope you enjoy reading our blog as much as we enjoy bringing all this great information, education and commentary to you. Please share it with your friends and co-workers if you find this information useful and informative. We look forward to providing you with more blog content in 2017!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It’s Time to Review Your Retirement Plan


During this time of year, we are usually focused on buying presents for our loved ones, Christmas gatherings, and drinking egg nog. You should be doing these things and enjoying the company of your friends and family – I know I will be. However, when you’re not focused on all of the holiday festivities, think about reviewing your retirement plans to ensure you’re on track.

Annually around the New Year I review my retirement savings plan. I do this to ensure I am saving enough money to meet my goal of financial independence for my future retired self. It is generally accepted throughout the retirement planning industry that you will be comfortable in retirement if you replace around 80% of your pre-retirement income. However, 80% is a general number that may not apply to you. It depends on the lifestyle you would like to live in retirement. If your lifestyle will be more expensive, you will need to replace more than 80%. Likewise, the opposite is true if your lifestyle will be more modest.

Quick Tip. There is a simple way to calculate the percentage that will be replaced by your LAGERS benefit at retirement. To complete this calculation, take the years of service you plan to work times the multiplier your employer has elected. The result of the calculation will give you the amount of your pre-retirement income that will be replaced by your LAGERS pension. At that point, you will likely realize that your pension may not cover as much as you expected. The additional necessary retirement income can come from personal savings or another source of income in retirement.


Some Available Planning Tools:

As a LAGERS member, you have a couple tools that can help you better understand what you are going to receive from your pension. The first of these tools is your member annual statement. You receive your annual statement in the first quarter every year and it shows you a couple different calculations. The first of those calculations is called “What you’ve earned as of December 31”. In other words, if you are vested and terminate employment, this calculation shows what you would receive at retirement based on your service as of December 31. Another calculation on your annual statement is a projection of your future benefit called, “What you could earn if you keep working.” This section is extremely beneficial for your retirement planning. It gives you a calculation of what to expect from your pension if you continue working until retirement age. You can view your past annual statements on myLAGERS.

Another tool that you have at your disposal at any time is the myLAGERS portal. Among other things, this online portal allows you to generate benefit estimates. The benefit estimator on the myLAGERS portal allows you the freedom of projecting your benefit to a specific retirement date with the ability to project things like salary increases and potential tax withholding of your benefit. You can generate as many estimates as you want on myLAGERS and save up to 10 of them. The estimate also illustrates all of the different payment options available within the LAGERS system. Additionally, the myLAGERS portal allows you to apply for your retirement benefit, change your personal information, estimate a purchase of service and much more.

When considering your savings plans, there are several sites out there that can provide you retirement planning tools to assist you in projecting your retirement savings and income. Some of you may have these tools available through your Defined Contribution (457) provider. I personally use a couple of online tools from my Defined Contribution (457) provider and Specifically, I utilize their projection tools that allow me to enter information about my pension, Social Security, and my current savings plan. These types of retirement planning tools are an excellent way of evaluating your current plan and whether or not you need to increase your retirement savings.

I know some of you may be saying that I cannot afford to save for retirement for one reason of another. I can completely understand and relate because I have two children in daycare. As many of you know, daycare is incredibly expensive. Yet, I am able to save a little bit of my paycheck every month to help ensure that I am going to be able to retire comfortably. It’s not a large amount of savings, just a small amount. Secondly, if your employer is offering you a match program, it’s like they are paying you to save money. So, if you can afford it, save at least up to the match amount.

If you are already saving, that’s great! Now is a good time to review your savings plan and make adjustments, if needed. On the other hand, if you are not already saving, what a wonderful way to start the New Year and embark on the path of creating financial independence for your future self.

JPabst - reduced size

Jeff Pabst, CRC Senior Communications Specialist

Top LAGERS News of 2016



It’s hard to believe 2016 is coming to an end and 2017 is closing in on us like a blustery Missouri cold front. In case you missed it, a lot happened with your retirement system over the last 12 months! Here is a brief compilation of the top news-worthy events.

Important Legislation was Passed

The 2016 Missouri Legislative Session saw the passage of HB 1443, a bill that LAGERS proposed. This important legislation allows local governments in Missouri who are running their own pension plan to choose LAGERS as the administrator of that plan. This will permit these smaller plans to take advantage of LAGERS’ expertise and economies of scale, resulting in lower administrative costs for the local entity and ensuring that these plans maintain financial stability. LAGERS staff has been working diligently to begin accepting these new plans since Governor Nixon signed the bill. Read more.

LAGERS Members are Living Longer

Every five years, LAGERS takes an in-depth look at our membership to take stock of changing demographics and other trends. One of the key findings from the 2016 study was that LAGERS members are living longer, which is great news! A 60-year-old male is now expected to live to age 84 and a 60-year-old female to age 88! Because of this, LAGERS’ Board updated the mortality tables we use to reflect the longer lifespans in order to ensure benefits will be properly funded. Read more.

LAGERS Funding Level Reaches 94.7%

Pension funds often measure their financial stability using a “funded ratio.” This is simply a measure of the fund’s ability to meet all of its obligations to members and retirees now and into the future. All pension plans strive for a 100% funding ratio. At 100% funded, a pension plan has all the assets it needs on hand to meet all of its liabilities. This is kind of like being fully paid up on your mortgage. If you paid off your mortgage, you could say your home is 100% funded. Being under 100% funded as a pension plan is not necessarily a problem because all of the participants in the plan won’t need to be paid on the same day. What is important is that there is a dedicated method to pay the liabilities and that the plan is moving toward 100%. A pension plan that is above 80% funded is normally considered to be on stable financial ground. Read more.

12 New Employers Joined LAGERS in 2016

LAGERS continues to be an attractive option for local government employers looking for ways to recruit and retain high-quality workers to serve their communities. Seventy-five local governments have joined LAGERS in the last five years and half of these switched from 401(k)-type plans to the stability and security of LAGERS’ defined benefit approach. Why the switch? We are increasingly hearing from government officials the need to enhance the services of their communities by hiring and keeping the best people to fill those jobs. I attended a city council meeting recently and heard from one official, “We are a service-based industry and to provide the best service to the citizens of this city, we do that through the people we hire.”

The last year was an exciting one for LAGERS and as we look forward to 2017 and LAGERS’ 50-year anniversary we expect nothing but continued success in helping Missouri’s communities accomplish great things!

Jeff Kempker Manager of Member Services

Jeff Kempker
Manager of Member Services

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